Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Between the old and new

The challenge for the architects of the study Aidlin Darling Design in designing the interior design of Wexler’s Restaurant in San Francisco, was to create some continuity between the historical age of the building and its exterior facade, and the modern connotation of the restaurant inside. The link between old and new, has been developed and solved by the designers in the form of a very special ceiling, which gives character to the whole environment: it is a composition in laser cut MDF and painted in black, from external penthouse spreads to the heart from inside the room. The color and sinuous lines of this installation they want to be evocative of smoke and charred wood, typical of the ovens used to be.

Design in the Yacht Ultra Luxury

Silverlining , British company producing luxurious furnishingsAnd worked with 4 famous yacht designers and an architect to draw together what will be the future of ‘interior design applied to yacht super-luxury.

The work, which involved Bannenberg & Rowell Design, Eidsgaard DesignMichael Leach Design and RĂ©mi Tessier , lasted several months and the results they want to take into account not only of the latest trends in shapes and colors, but also of technological innovation , comfort and the latest materials . What emerged from this work will be presented in the next few days Monaco Yacht Show and we can see some preview image .