Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Living Room with Bedroom by Clei

If you need to combine the family room to your bedroom, then usually you have to choose between a beautiful design rooms and comfortable bed. With the construction of furniture you can make a nice place but functional, even from a very small space. More information about this practical furniture can be found on the site Clei. If you prefer comfort at night you can put a bed in this room and refuse from the living space at all or you can buy a sofa bed that will not be as good as the previous orthopedic bed. The bed can be placed straight on the wall and in this position was very little space. The sofa is also quite practical. Swing is transformable construction consists of a large sofa, two folding beds and a library with many shelves. Although the Italian company Clei can help you to solve this problem. Have been adjusted return and useful storage unit under the seat.

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